Best Individual Games of The Week- Week 5 (Nov 20-26)

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Who Had The Best Game Of The Week?

For those who couldn’t watch every single player in every single game this week in the NBA, let’s give you a look back at the top 5 individual performances in the league over the last 7 days. As we start this new weekly column, lets take a quick look back at the opening 4 weeks of the NBA season.

There was a one game in the NBA this week, had 3 players in the same game crack the Top 5 list, a huge 40 plus point game from one Wildcat to another one and a Point Guard Pacing his team to a victory.

So each game is based upon a metric called Game Score (if you want to see the complete listings check out our friends at )

If You Missed It

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This is this the Top 5 for the Games Starting on November 20th thru November 26th:

Performance Of The Week:

Kevin Love- November 23, 2016- Game Score: 36.8

2. Damien Lillard- November 23, 2016- Game Score: 36.7

3. Anthony Davis- November 23, 2016- Game Score: 36.3

4. LeBron James- November 23, 2016- Game Score: 32.8

5. Jeff Teague- November 20, 2016- Game Score: 32.3

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