Danny’s Fantastic Fifty (Mid-Season Edition)

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We Are At The Halfway Point In The Season, So Where Does Your Favorite Player Rank Overall?

If you remember at the beginning of the season, I released my top 50 pre-season rankings of the NBA’s top players in order.

If you missed the opening rankings, here is the link:


There were some names that were misses and are no longer on the list, there are few players that have exceeded expecations and have gone up. Now this is based upon how they have performed this season and not a reflection of who I think should be the MVP of the NBA. This ranking is based on who is the best pound for pound player in the league.

So grab your popcorn and let me know your thoughts on my list. (The number in the parenteses is the pre-season ranking)

  1. LeBron James- SF- Cleveland (1)
  2. Kevin Durant- SF- Golden State (2)
  3. Russell Westbrook- PG-Oklahoma City (4)
  4. James Harden- PG/SG- Houston (9)
  5. Kawhi Leonard- SF- San Antonio (5)
  6. Stephen Curry-PG-Golden State (3)
  7. Anthony Davis- PF-New Orleans (6)
  8. Jimmy Butler- SF- Chicago (12)
  9. Chris Paul- PG- L.A Clippers (8)
  10. DeMarcus Cousins- C- Sacramento (10)
  11. John Wall- PG- Washington (15)
  12. Draymond Green- PF- Golden State (16)
  13. Giannis Antekoutempo- PG/SF- Milwaukee (44)
  14. DeMar DeRozan- SG- Toronto (26)
  15. Kyrie Irving- PG- Cleveland (18)
  16. Kyle Lowry- PG- Toronto (20)
  17. Damian Lillard- PG- Portland (11)
  18. Marc Gasol- C- Memphis (22)
  19. Isaiah Thomas- PG- Boston (33)
  20. Paul George- SF- Indiana (7)
  21. Blake Griffin- PF- L.A Clippers (13)
  22. Rudy Golbert- C- Utah (36)
  23. Paul Millsap- PF- Atlanta (14)
  24. Klay Thompson- SG- Golden State (21)
  25. Carmelo Anthony- SF- New York (19)
  26. Karl-Anthony Towns- C- Minnesota (25)
  27. Gordon Hayward- SF- Utah (31)
  28. Andre Drummond- C- Detroit (27)
  29. Kemba Walker- PG- Charlotte (39)
  30. Kevin Love- PF- Cleveland (30)
  31. C.J. McCollum- SG- Portland (49)
  32. Hassan Whiteside- C- Miami (29)
  33. Mike Conley- PG- Memphis (37)
  34. Kristaps Porzingis- PF- New York (47)
  35. Joel Embiid- C- Philadelphia (NR)
  36. Dwight Howard- C- Atlanta (35)
  37. LaMarcus Aldridge- PF- San Antonio (17)
  38. DeAndre Jordan- C- L.A Clippers (24)
  39. Avery Bradley- Boston (NR)
  40. Eric Bledsoe- PG- Phoenix  (41)
  41. Dwayne Wade- SG- Chicago (28)
  42. Nicolas Batum- SG- Charlotte (42)
  43. Al Horford- C- Boston (23)
  44. Goran Dragic-PG-Miami (NR)
  45. Jabari Parker-SF-Milwaukee (NR)
  46. Andrew Wiggins- SF- Minnesota (50)
  47. Bradley Beal- SG- Washington (NR)
  48. Brook Lopez- C- Brooklyn (38)
  49. Harrison Barnes- SF- Dallas (NR)
  50. Serge Ibaka- PF- Orlando (43)

Am I wrong? Do you disagree? Leave your thoughts below and sound off. Follow me on twitter @nbadt29 or the show at @nbafcpradio

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