Toughest Schedule Remaining (TSR) – Rest of Season (3/14/17)

Fighting for one of the last playoff spots?  Jockeying for seed?  Whatever the case may be, the majority of NBA teams still have something at stake so every game matters.  Some teams have their remaining schedule tilted in their favor, while others do not.  How does your team’s remaining schedule stack up?

And remember, this new metric – known as a team’s “Toughest Schedule Remaining” (TSR) – provides a score between 0 and 1000 based on the difficulty of the upcoming schedule (during the next week or month, for example) assuming that team is of average quality.  Let’s repeat that, we’re assuming whatever team we’re evaluating is an average team.  This metric does not, then, take into account how good or bad said team is – the score would be exactly the same if a different team had the same schedule (opponent, miles travelled, rest, etc).  #NBATSR


*Based on games played through 3/13/17

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