Kyle Lowry should not be apart of the Process!

Here we are, yet again folks. If you’re fortunate enough to live in Cleveland, Ohio or Oakland, California than quite frankly you are awaiting for the biggest finals rematch ever. On the other hand, there are teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers who are on the lower end of the spectrum in terms what their doing. While all eyes will be on the NBA draft combine as well as next Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery, some intriguing variables may have just been brought to the forefront due to a team being dismissed early from the postseason. Kyle Lowry who is for the time being still the starting point guard of the Toronto Raptors watched his team get swept by the Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers. This marks the second year in a row that the Raptors have witnessed their season come to a demise by Lebron and company. Unfortunately, Lowry wasn’t much help himself, seeing as he missed half of game two and all of games three and four.


Lowry, then announced after the team was eliminated that he would be using his player option to opt out of his current contract with Toronto. So as the world of speculation and rumor usually does, almost immediately this led to folks assuming that Lowry may be highly interested in coming home to Philadelphia. Now, Lowry has gone on the record saying he wants to “play for rings” and coming to Philadelphia would be an exact polar opposite of that. The Sixers are a season or two away from being a consistent playoff contender, not NBA title contender.


Lowry who will turn 32 next season, is on the tail end of the prime of his career. Not to mention that he has only played one full season in the nba and that was nine years ago, Nine! He played in 60 games this season for the Raptors and was named an All-Star for 2016. His 22.4 points per game average was a career best but his talent is not the troublesome issue here. Philadelphia is being run by Kyle Lowry’s former GM Bryan Colangelo who has the same role in Philadelphia. Multiple reports have come out s being said that the two have mutual interest in reuniting with one another. Lowry wouldn’t necessarily be a good fit in Philadelphia due to the extreme young nature of the current state of the franchise.


Philadelphia currently sits atop the draft order board with an at worse number six pick or best number one pick. Not to mention the team has yet to see Ben Simmons on the floor along side Joel Embiid, who himself after averaging 20.0 points per game for the Sixers only played half of the season. Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown has said time and time again that Ben Simmons would be the starting point guard for the team. Kyle Lowry would almost surely want a max contract and a starting role no matter his destination. Now this is all pure speculation as nobody has concrete evidence that Lowry would come here but the 76ers according to multiple sources within the organization are preparing to offer Kyle Lowry a lucrative offer. Now remember that the Raptors, under the new CBA can offer Kyle Lowry 50 million dollars more than any other team. That means for example if Philadelphia were to offer a max contract in the range of 151 million, the Raptors can offer upwards of 200 million dollars.


After giving this some serious thought, because lets be honest, the Sixers are not in a position to turn away talent on any level. In a draft deep with talented guards and the fact that you have yet to see Simmons or even Jared Bayless for that matter facilitate your offense to the point to give a fair judgement. Bringing in Lowry will hinder the development in the type of generational talent you have in Simmons. Now some fans out there who are starved for talent and wan to see star players in our uniform will not agree with this article I’m sure, but you have to look at the situation on a broader scale. Lebron will own the eastern conference at least for the next two to three seasons and at that point the Sixers should be a far more mature team than their current state has shown. At that point Kyle Lowry will be 35-36 years old and will be staring retirement in the face but that will come right when all the pieces will transpire for the Sixers to make a run. Do you want Philadelphia to dish out max money to a player who has proven he cant stay healthy and is on the tail end of slightly above average career?  yes he is home grown and the fans would love watching him play for his hometown Sixers but he just doesn’t fit the long term synopsis this team is trying to endure.

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