Advertise With NBACP Radio and NBAFCPOnline


$75(per week) $125 (per week) $225 (per week) EMail For Pricing
One :30 Second Ad SpotsPer Show Two :30 Second Ad SpotsPer Show

(One during each hour of the show)

Four :30 Second Ad SpotsPer Show

One Segment of the show sponsored by your company


80 Promo Spots per week on Sports Talk 1080 involving the advertisement of NBA Full Court Press Radio (NBA Full Court Press sponsored by (name of your business/ 15 seconds)

Five :30 Second Ad SpotsPer Show

Sponsor ID and Thank You at the End of the Show

Option for a monthly visit and 5 Min Q & A session

Price goes down to $65 per week for 13 weeks Price goes down to $100 per week for 13 weeks Price goes down to $185 per week for 26 weeks


EMail For Pricing
Duration: 4 Weeks Duration: 4 Weeks Duration: 13 Weeks Duration: 26 Weeks


What Do You Get With Each Package

  • You will get your show mentioned on the Advertisers Section on and on NBA Full Court Press Page on Facebook
  • A Listing on Advertiser Friday on our Facebook Page
  • Also listed on Future events that NBA Full Court Press Radio will be apart of


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